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Jason Carlson, LTC Administrator
Phone: 701-724-5441  Email:

Lynette Burley Director of Nursing
Phone: 701-724-5442  Email:

Dixie Bopp Infection Control, RN/Assistant Director of Nursing
Phone: 701-724-5450  Email:

Amy Medhaug, MDS Coordinator, RN
Phone: 701-724-5448  Email:

Breinne Schlagel Social Services Designee
Phone: 701-724-5451  Email:

Lori Burley Ward Clerk / IT / Transport Services
Phone: 701-724-5440  Email:

Jennifer Kleingartner Business Manager
Phone: 701-724-5443  Email:

Chelsey Redler Activities Coordinator
Phone: 701-724-5449  Email:

Patti Hesselbach Dietary Manager
Phone: 701-724-5449  Email:

Lory Bock Housekeeping / Laundry Manager
Phone: 701-724-6211  Email:

Mark Sommerland Maintenance Director
Phone: 701-724-5454  Email:

Maryann Sommerland Villas Assisted Living Manager
Phone: 701-724-5421  Email: